Education 100 stories
Could the Baltic Sea cover the Vilnius TV Tower?
Kristijonas Donelaitis English TEST
Rich, Influential and Famous – the Noble Radvila Family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė – a Heroine From the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla – the Most Famous Lithuanian Conductor
Archaeologist Marija Birutė Gimbutienė (Gimbutas) and the Civilisation of the Goddess
Vilna Gaon – the Interpreter of Jewish Holy Books
Adomas Mickevičius – the Most Famous Lithuanian Writer Who Didn’t Write in Lithuanian
The Most Famous Italian in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Vytautas the Great and Duchess Anna – the Most Influential Couple of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis – the Most Famous Unrecognised Genius of Lithuania?
The Brave Librarian of Vilnius University
Žemaitė – a Noble Farmer Who Became the Most Famous Lithuanian Writer
The Warrior Countess Emilia Plater
Emanuelis Levinas – a World-Famous Philosopher From Kaunas
Fania Lewando – a Jewish Pioneer of Vegetarianism From Vilnius
Poet Kazys Jakubėnas – the Price of Freedom
Tadas Ivanauskas – the Most Famous Lithuanian Naturalist
Vytautė Žilinskaitė – the “Not Childish” Children’s Writer
Salomėja Neris – a Controversial Poet
Džordana – the Lithuanian Queen of Pop
Tomas Venclova – the Most Famous Lithuanian Dissident
Aldona Liobytė – Classic Children's Literature and the Resistance: Can Fairy Tales Destroy the Regime?
Nemunas, or Where does the largest river in Lithuania start?
Why Are the Dunes of the Curonian Spit Moving?
The Most Popular Lithuanian Domestic Animals
Places Where the Devil Appears
Ladakalnis – a Magical Hill
The Lithuanian Oak That Is Older Than Lithuania Itself
Baltic Gold From Pine Resin
The Most Useful Lithuanian Insect, or What Do Bees and Companions Have in Common?
Sister Weavers or Ancient Lithuanian Artists?
Basketball and Women – Its Pioneers in Lithuania
The Achievements of Lithuanian Scientists: Rockets, Lasers, “Gene Scissors” and Space Satellites
What Do the Flag and the Spirit of the Dead Have In Common?
Forced Migration, or When You Have To Leave Your Home
Mushroom Hunting – the National Sport of Lithuania
The University of Lithuania, or what do science and freedom have in common?
Vytis – the Chaser of Enemies
Long Rods and Other Lithuanian Money
Neither a Song nor a Poem – Sung Poetry
The Lithuanian Alphabet, or How Lithuanians Created Their Letters
Real and Fictional Lithuanian Overseas Colonies
Marches of Rock for Lithuanian Independence
Book Smugglers – the Illegal Heroes
Lithuanian Feminists of the Nineteenth Century
The Artists’ Triumph in Venice – Opera on the Sand
The Oldest Constitution in Europe, or When No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
The First Lithuanian Flight Across the Atlantic Ocean
Pranciškus Skorina – Lithuania’s First Publisher
Esperanto – a Language Created in Lithuania Which Will Put an End To Miscommunication
George Maciunas – the World Famous Anti-Artist
Radvila Našlaitėlis – a Famous Traveler and Pioneer of Travel Writing in Lithuania
Modernism Takes Over Kaunas
Technical Monuments – The Old Funiculars of Kaunas
Kaunas Railway Tunnel – One of the Oldest Tunnels in Europe
Chaim Frenkel – One of the Most Successful Lithuanian Entrepreneurs of All Time
The Holy Hill With 200.000 Crosses
Vilnius, The Capital of Lithuania – a City of Churches
Lonely in a Meadow on the River Bank – Who Built the Old Zapyškis Church?
An Electric Light Came On for the First Time in Lithuania in Rietavas Manor
Where Did the Memelburg Castle Disappear?
History of the Lithuanian Orthodox Cathedral
The Karaites in Lithuania: Kenesas, Karaism, Kibinai